Cyber resilience before cyber insurance

The portion of businesses buying cyber insurance reportedly doubled in 2020. Unfortunately, the very same factors that led to this rush to buy, have also led to a change in the dynamics of the cyber insurance market. More cyber criminals are being drawn into the space by increasingly lucrative earnings, and this has led to a rise in frequency of claims.

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Risks and hazards in the hospitality sector

Food and beverage are the largest of the UK’s hospitality sectors and one of the UK’s biggest employers. While the industry is a dynamic and diverse one, businesses are exposed to a common set of risks – from property and equipment to the food itself and, of course, reputation.

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2021 – Top ten risks facing UK businesses

The in-depth report shows increased concern in respect of the UK economy. With 44% of all businesses having obtained financial support during the Pandemic, the end of Furlough and increased energy prices it estimates 21% are struggling financially with expectations circa 8% are likely to close.

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